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Do you know you could be eligible for down payment assistance in Tampa, Florida?

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CHECK these 5 Down Payment Assistance Programs:

 RCF is a non-profit organization in Tampa that serves residents of Hillsborough County.

Down Payment Assistance:

  • Grant of up to $5,000
  • You don’t need to repay the grant, as long as you remain in the home
  • You can use any lender
  • Down payment assistance will be paid to the title company


  • You’re a first time homebuyer
     (If you have not owned a home within the last 3 years, you’re considered a first time homebuyer)
  • You reside in Hillsborough County
  • You will buy an owner-occupied single-family house, condo or townhouse in Hillsborough County
  • You meet the household annual income limits set for Hillsborough County:

        Number of Persons        Maximum Household        
          in Household                   Annual Income
               1                                 $32,150
               2                                 $36,750
               3                                 $41,350
               4                                 $45,900
               5                                 $49,600
               6                                 $53,250
               7                                 $56,950             
               8                                 $60,600

  • Recent tax return will be the basis of occupants

How to Apply:
1. Submit your application and documents to RCF.
2. If you’re qualified, you will be contacted for an interview.
3. If your application is approved, you will be notified.
4. Submit the final HUD document to RCF for review not later than 72 hours before closing.
5. An RFC representative must be present at closing.

Documents Required:
1. Proof of Income
2. Copy of Good Faith Statement
3. Copy of completed loan application
4. Copy of the pre-approved letter from lender
5. Final approval
7. Copy of the certificate of completion of a home buying course, presented for at least 8 hours, and approved by HUD and RCF.
   Here’s a list of approved providers of home buyer education and counseling.              
8. Letter to RCF explaining why you should be considered eligible for receiving down payment assistance.

See details, application forms and contact information here:
RCF of GTAR Down Payment Assistance Application


Down Payment Assistance:

  • Deferred-Payment Second Mortgage Loan of up to $14,999
     ($10,000 maximum for down payment and $4,999 maximum for closing costs)
  • No interest
  • No monthly payment as long as the home remains your primary residence and you occupy the home
  • Loan is fully forgiven after 5 years of occupying the home as your primary residence


  • Your minimum credit score is 600
  • Your debt ratio should be 31/45%, meaning your monthly home payment must not exceed 31% of your monthly income and your total debt including home payment must not exceed 45% of your monthly income.
  • Your household income is below 120% of area median income
     (Income of household is considered, not just your income)
  • Number of Persons            Maximum Household        
          in Household                   Annual Income
               1                                 $32,150
               2                                 $36,750
               3                                 $41,350
               4                                 $45,900
               5                                 $49,600
               6                                 $53,250
               7                                 $56,950             
               8                                 $60,600

  • You will buy a property within the city limits of Tampa
  • You invest $2,000, with a minimum of $1,000 from your own verifiable funds
  • You do home inspection before closing
  • You’re not allowed to use an ARM loan

How to Apply:
1. Register for homebuyer education. You must not be under contract for a home purchase prior to
   Here’s a list of approved providers of homebuyer education.
2. Sign your contract for a home purchase, dated after the Certificate of Completion
3. Get a lender commitment for your first mortgage
4. Call the Housing & Community Development Division to request an appointment.
5. Submit all required documents within 10 days from date of application

Documents Required:
1. Completed HCD Application for Housing Assistance form
2. Authorization form signed by all household members with income
3. Latest copy of federal income tax return
4. Last 2 pay stubs for all employed household members
5. Child support documentation
6. Recent SSI, Social Security, Disability, Pension documents
7. Copy of executed sales contract, with name of title company
8. Last 6 bank statements
9. Name, address and phone number of your lender
10. Appraisal from lender
11. Housing Quality Standards inspection report, if existing home
12. Lead Based Pain clearance, if home is built before 1978

See details here:
City of Tampa Down Payment Assistance Application

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